The 6 Ways to Download Songs from Spotify STEP by STEP!

Spotify is one of the most downloaded music-listening applications in the world and it is not surprising, since it has great musical sound quality and an interface that allows anyone to use it to listen to music without a problem. You can do it both from its free version and by paying for the Spotify Premium version. Faced with the rejection of the paid version, many of its users wonder how to download the Spotify music they listen to in the free version, and to resolve this question we have created this article.

In today’s post, we are going to explain how you can download songs from Spotify totally free and in just a few minutes, so you can download and save all the music you’ve always wanted to have on your computer.

How to download songs from Spotify and listen to your music anywhere

There are several methods to download music from Spotify and in this article, we want to explain the most practical ways to do it. If you are looking forward to taking your music with you everywhere, read on and you will learn how to download music from Spotify for free.

1: Download Spotify songs for free with Spotydl

This is one of the best ways to download Spotify music for free on your PC. In this case, though, you will need to use a program called Spotydl. But I can already tell you that it is one of the easiest ways to download music. So don’t worry!

Here we offer you the download of the necessary files so that you can use this method to download all the songs from Spotify that you want totally free. Also, if you select your favourite songs, you can also download Spotify charts with this method.

To know the installation procedure and the way to download music from Spotify totally free, we leave you this video in which they explain how to download songs from Spotify explained in a completely practical way.

As you can see, this method to download music from Spotify for free is very practical and it is also totally free. To do this, you must have the Spotify application, and then download one of the two files that we have shared with you (depending on the operating system you are using) and that we linked in the previous paragraphs.

Next, to download the music you must install it on your computer. In this way, you will have a very simple-to-use tool that will allow you to listen to Spotify music from your PC, or from wherever you want.

2: Download top-quality music from Spotify with DeezLoader

This is a method to download music from Spotify that is simple but also one of the most effective. It is about using the DeezLoader music program to download all the songs that we want to our PC.

Once you have the DeezLoader app, you can open it and enter the interface. In settings, you can configure the name you want to save the files, the name of the playlist, the location of the file on your PC, create a folder for each artist, and also create an album. In this way, they will be stored in the destination folders in an organized way and you will have them accessible when you want to listen to them.

It really is a simple method with which you will be able to download Spotify songs of the highest quality, like any other source that has inspired you and you want to have that song on your PC. Whether it’s the radio, television, the song you’ve heard in a tutorial and you want it for yourself… So this method opens up a wide range of possibilities to enjoy music.

Although remember that if you want to use songs for commercial purposes, they must be free of rights. So it is important to know where to download royalty-free songs in order to use them.

The download method is easy, what we have to do is search within the playlists or within our playlists for the songs that we want to download. What we will have to do is enter the title and author in DeezLoader to be able to download it. As you can see in the previous video, the versions are usually exactly the same, unless it is a special version. Although if in your case you are looking for a song in particular, you will love the following method to download songs from Spotify.

3: Download free Spotify playlists

Possibly, looking at the methods to download music from Spotify, you are thinking that you do not want to download individual songs, but rather that you want to download a complete playlist or a list of songs that you have saved on your profile. Well, we also have the answer if that is what you are looking for in this article.

In order to download complete Spotify playlists, it will be necessary to create an account with Deezer online. From there, we must import our playlists in Deezer and download them through DeezLoader. That easy!

4: Download music from Spotify for free with Online Voice Recorder

Since Spotify is one of the almost inexhaustible music applications, it is normal that many people want to download Spotify songs to have them on their computer or phone. So here you have another method to download music from Spotify for free without programs. Exact!. In this case, you do not need any program to download music.

  • The first thing we must do to download Spotify songs on our PC is to open the browser we use every day.
  • Next, we have to access Online Voice Recorder, which is a totally free online audio and music recorder. When you are on the page,  click on the download option and the desktop version of this program will be downloaded to your PC.
  • Install it as you would any other application that you download to your PC.
  • Once the application starts on your PC, a menu will open with many options, including pause, play and the one that interests us, which is to record with which we can record and download Spotify songs.
  • Now we must go to Spotify and activate the song you are looking for. While the music is playing and the song are playing on the PC, you must record it with the recorder that you just downloaded. You just have to give the option to record at the same time that you play the song – sometimes the record comes out with the word “start” – And once the song is over, you just have to give it a stop.
  • Once you record the songs from your Spotify lists that you like the most or any others, you can go to the audio area of ​​the recorder since it saves the audio automatically so that we can access and download Spotify songs without a problem. The songs are recorded in the “my documents” folder.

This is the easiest way to download Spotify songs so that you can have them on your computer without any problem in a few minutes. Also, the good news is that you can enjoy an unlimited number of music tracks when you download songs from Spotify.

5: Download music from Spotify for free with JDownloader

Another of the most popular ways to download  Spotify songs for free is this method.

  • The first step is to download JDownloader, a download manager that will help you download songs from Spotify.
  • Now you must go to your Spotify application and start selecting all the songs you want to download (you can also download songs from your favourite music lists). Once you have them ready, without releasing the selection, right-click and select “copy HTTP link”.
  • Now, we go to the browser again and look for the Groovylists page. When you open it, several options will appear, you must choose Spotify. A second tab was opened in which you will have to paste what we have previously copied. Once you have everything ready, click on the Groovy it option and we are almost done with the steps to download Spotify songs and listen to your favourite music.
  • A message will appear in a few minutes telling you that the list you have selected has been uploaded to the platform – be careful, to the platform, not to the pc – close that window and copy the URL that appears on the page. If you can’t see which one, it’s right under the phrase “This playlist is now available on Grooveshark.”
  • Now, we go back to our first download JDownloader and we give the option to “add URLs”. A window will open and there you place the URL that the previous platform has given us. In a part of your URL, the word “retro” will appear, you must change that word to listen and then you can give the option to analyze the URL.

And that’s it! We can now enjoy downloading Spotify songs for free.

To find the songs that we love and totally free, you must search within the application for the GrooveShark Playlists option and click on the option that tells you to add all the links.

At this moment you will be downloading all the songs that you copied from your Spotify to your PC.

6: Download Spotify songs for free with Streaming Audio Recorder

Finally, if the two previous options to download free Spotify songs do not convince you, we are going to give you a fourth method that is based on downloading music from Spotify for free with a sound recorder called Streaming Audio Recorder.

  • This program was created to be able to record any sound from the motherboard and is capable of reproducing it in 1:1 quality.
  • Once you download it, you can save all your selected Spotify music in MP3 format for free.
  • This option gives you the possibility to transfer the music you want from Spotify to iTunes in less than 1 minute.
  • In order to use this last option, you must enter this link and download it.
  • So that you don’t have any problem recording the songs, you should let them play in full and try not to do anything else while using the application so that your PC doesn’t slow down and spoil the recordings.


These are the best options to be able to download Spotify songs. Thanks to them, you can enjoy your music from Spotify with your favourite singers on your PC. Since they are very easy-to-use alternatives, you can download them without having any song limit.

Enjoying your favourite singers or even downloading songs from your Spotify lists for free is possible and you will be able to listen to your music anytime you want, whether you have an Internet connection or not.

In any case, if these options still do not convince you, we want to inform you that there are alternatives to Spotify. Each of them has different characteristics, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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